SEO – What You Have To Know

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SEO in Simple Explanation



as we all know SEO is Search Engine Optimization. in real world it is used in our business to target audience.

Well , What i mean by that ‘Target Audience‘ ??

Maybe you are doing some ladies clothing/fashoin website and of-course your target audience will be all girls | ladies | woman..


so, how you going to use this SEO method to get custmore ?

you can’t simply create a web and let your customer find you..

Agree With Me ??
this will lead you to 200% failure..

hrmm.. what else can we do ?? by adding some SEO plugin to your business site and proper marketing will lead you a good sales and bring you more customer.

increase-chartbut it cannot be happen in just 1 day.. all just matter of time..

by adding proper web title, descriptions , keywords and ofcourse with analytics plugin.. you will get to see your results day by day

AND make sure you shares in social media since that is our best way to showcase your business..

Well, great SEO is about creating a relevant informative website, with unique content and responsive website (user experience& friendly), and encouraging the sharing and distribution of great content to drive organic publicity and links back to your site.

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